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LifeSaver™ Choking Rescue Kit

LifeSaver™ Choking Rescue Kit

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Concerned About Choking? LifeSaver™ is the INNOVATIVE, non-intrusive suction apparatus with a patented design that can potentially rescue a life during an airway blockage crisis. 

APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES: This kit comprises one tool, one adult mask, and one child mask. Infants sometimes ingest small objects or nuts, which can lead to esophageal blockages and suffocation. This product can swiftly clear foreign objects.


Crafted from silicone material, it offers a comfortable and secure fit. It's lightweight, making it convenient for travel, and boasts powerful suction for optimal blockage removal.



The LifeSaver™ device won't require replacement unless it's utilized to rescue a choking victim's life. Only the masks will need replacement every 2-3 years.


This kit provides protection for both kids and adults. The suction duration is brief, ensuring that LifeSaver™ is both secure and efficient.


Ideal for various settings like home, office, camping, car, restaurant, school, and more. Please note that this product is not a medical device and is exclusively intended for training in the administration of first aid for choking incidents.



 Three simple steps to utilize: position, exert pressure, and extract.




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