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CloudKicks Buckle™

CloudKicks Buckle™

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Step into a heavenly realm and savor boundless foot comfort.

Bid farewell to the discomfort of your feet forever. The CloudKicks™ offer the sensation of strolling on fluffy clouds, delivering essential relief for your feet, joints, and hips.

Joyful Feet Everywhere You Travel!

With each stride, you'll breathe a sigh of contentment. The Cloudkicks™ offer comfort, assurance, and joy wherever your journey takes you.

Be it relaxing at home, tackling tasks at the office, exploring new destinations, or handling errands, the Cloudkicks™ ensure you'll always enjoy uncompromised comfort

These slippers are versatile for both indoor and outdoor use throughout every season! Please be aware that EVA materials may contract and distort when exposed to high temperatures, so avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. If the upper part feels too wide, you can adjust it using the heat shrinkage principle.

Please refer to size chart below.

If you're torn between two sizes, opt for one size down if you prefer a more narrow fit when wearing your Cloudkicks.

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